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I'm Jennifer Herzberg, a designer based in Madison, Wisconsin.

I've led product design at startups in the education, real estate, and hospitality industries and helped tech companies in the health care, entertainment, and creative software development industries as a design consultant and freelancer.

I strive to design solutions that are useful, grounded in research, accessible, empathetic, viable, and, when called for, fun. In my experience, this is achieved by forming a deep understanding of the problem at hand, listening to users, collaborating with talented teammates, conducting or digesting research, and drawing on both established best practices and my experience and education.

Two of my current areas of interest are building and maintaining design systems and DesignOps.

Currently, I'm working remotely with rad folks from Skylight and the US Air Force.

Outside of work, you can find me bugging my dogs or at my sewing machine, creating modern quilts.


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User-Centered Research & Usability Testing Methods

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