UCSD CogSci Coursework

A selection of courses taken and projects created while studying cognitive science at UC San Diego (2010-2014)

  • 102C: Cognitive Design Studio
  • 187A: Usability and Information Architecture
  • 187B: Practicum in Professional Web Design
  • 17: Neurobiology of Cognition
  • 101A: Sensation and Perception
  • 102A: Distributed Cognition
  • 102B: Cognitive Ethnography

COGS 102C - Cognitive Design Studio

Course Description:

This is a project-based course focused on the process of cognitive design. Students work in teams to design and evaluate a prototype application or redesign an existing system.


TritonTh!nk, a redesign of the mobile app section of UCSD's student portal, Tritonlink


  • User interviews
  • Affinity diagrams
  • Google Analytics data analysis
  • User models
  • Paper prototyping + paper prototype interviews
  • High-fidelity prototyping

Project Team:

  • Christopher Betts
  • Jennifer Herzberg
  • Anna Ly
  • April Phuong
  • Niklas Rogers
  • John Sharifi
  • Vincent Tan


COGS 187A & 187B - Usability and Information Architecture & Practicum in Professional Web Design

Course Descriptions:

  • 187A: Examines the cognitive basis of successful web and multimedia design. Topics: information architecture, navigation, usability, graphic layout, transaction design, and how to understand user interaction.
  • 187B: Focus on selective topics, such as animation, navigation, graphical display of information, and narrative coherence.


Trident, a transportation app designed to integrate UCSD's shuttle schedules with those for MTS bus and Coaster service

Selection of Trident paper prototypes
Selection of Trident paper prototypes